[sugar] Sugar mtg minutes, 26th February 2008

Simon Schampijer simon
Tue Feb 26 14:17:28 EST 2008

logs: http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sugar_dev_meeting#Tuesday_February_26_2008

attending: tomeu, erikos, garycmartin, morgs

* eben's notes about the redesign wiki.laptop.org/go/Design
** does the journal belongs into the shell or is it an activity, Eben?

* presence service
** scalability issues for update.1
** morgs does want to look into groups
** groups would work like friending, there would be multiple groups, 
groups a teacher can add children to ad potentially multiple friend 
groups #4043
** would be interesting to know how hard the deployment need this

* webkit
** try to compare webkit http://live.gnome.org/WebKitGtk (comes with 
python bindings http://live.gnome.org/PyWebKitGtk) with xulrunner

* sugar
** accelerators 
** benzea fixed palette issues 
** browse: add right click and search
** add control panel option to set delay before frame pops in
** notifications: box containing an activity icon that pops up when 
someone is 'calling', could be used for notifications about devices, 
invitations and adding to the frame, Eben you had something like that in 
one mockup that each corner was used for different notifications?

We fixed now the meeting time to be 17.00(UTC), next week will be a 
'big' meeting (tends to be more general).


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