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msevior at physics.unimelb.edu.au msevior
Tue Feb 19 04:44:08 EST 2008

 Walter Bender wrote:

Dan Bricklin, Luke Closs, Manusheel Guptam, and Eben Eliason have
continued to make progress on the SocialCalc project (See
http://www.peapodcast.com/sgi/olpc/). Recently added features include:
copy/cut/paste; basic support for CSV and tab-delimited data;
merge/unmerge cells; insert/delete row/column; sort. A new
multiplication table sample document has also been added. The
performance of operations such as sorting is quite good, making the
activity useful for maintaining lists of hundreds of rows of data.
Graphing support is at an initial stage of development. They are
coordinating with Edward Baafi, Luke Closs, Tomeu Vizoso, Marco
Gritti, and Todd Whiteman to develop a communication channel between
Python and Javascript code through PyXPCOM.

I've heard that Jody Goldberg is interested in helping out on the changes
needed to embed gnumeric into sugar (ala abiword with write). Does anyone
know how that is progressing?


Martin Sevior

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