[sugar] Updating translations for release...

Sayamindu Dasgupta sayamindu
Fri Feb 8 12:08:16 EST 2008


On Feb 8, 2008 5:10 PM, Jim Gettys <jg at laptop.org> wrote:
> The time has come to get the activities updated with Update.1
> translations.  How do we stand?

I have done extensive testing with Spanish and Mongolian, and they
seem to be good to go.

> We can't wait any longer to speak of. I think we need to pick a definite
> date and time for the completion of this, no later than, say, Monday,
> and anything untranslated stays untranslated.  We have to be able to
> move on to working on our next release.

Agree thoroughly. Monday is the date.

> 1) Can the activities be updated by you updating the packages, or will
> this require work by the activity developers?

Yes one can simply do a git pull from dev.laptop.org and the latest
translations will go in.

> 2) I gather we have to update Sugar to fix a problem or two to get the
> translations to stick.  Are there any other activities in a similar
> situation, that will require code updates as well as translations?

Not that I know of (except for Sugar). TurtleArt has a spelling
mistake which you might want to fix. However, the build system does
not pick up all translations - see #6179

> 3) Fuzzy strings.  What's left to un-fuzz them?

It depends on the translators - I request all translators to got
through their fuzzy strings during the weekend if possible, and unfuzz
them. Messages which remain fuzzy on Monday  will not be compiled in.

> 4) fonts: are there any additional fonts that need to be added?  If so,
> what are their packages, their licenses, and their sizes?  Does Dennis
> know what languages are to go into the image?

Depends on #6179 (ie, which languages go into the image). I believe we
cover all the languages that are currently defined in Sugar Control
Panel - but I'll stilll go through them and verify by Sunday.

> 5) I noticed some mail go by that certain mis-coding could cause
> activities to crash.  How do we get those fixed?

Hmm - tough question :-). I'll try to fix those by hand (most of them
are syntax errors). But this will take some time, and I'll probably
finish by Sunday night (IST). So any package update has to be _after_
that. Does that sound viable ?

Thank you,

Sayamindu Dasgupta

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