[sugar] Updating translations for release...

Jim Gettys jg
Fri Feb 8 06:40:56 EST 2008

The time has come to get the activities updated with Update.1
translations.  How do we stand?

We can't wait any longer to speak of. I think we need to pick a definite
date and time for the completion of this, no later than, say, Monday,
and anything untranslated stays untranslated.  We have to be able to
move on to working on our next release.

1) Can the activities be updated by you updating the packages, or will
this require work by the activity developers?

2) I gather we have to update Sugar to fix a problem or two to get the
translations to stick.  Are there any other activities in a similar
situation, that will require code updates as well as translations?

3) Fuzzy strings.  What's left to un-fuzz them?

4) fonts: are there any additional fonts that need to be added?  If so,
what are their packages, their licenses, and their sizes?  Does Dennis
know what languages are to go into the image?

5) I noticed some mail go by that certain mis-coding could cause
activities to crash.  How do we get those fixed?

Anything else I've missed?

Thanks for everyone's help!
                                 - Jim Gettys

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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