[Sugar-devel] Wacom Bamboo with XO?

Chris Marshall jns-cmarshall at comcast.net
Sun Dec 14 15:12:14 EST 2008

Wade Brainerd wrote:
> BTW, if any of you guys playing around with Colors! have access to 
> multiple XOs, I would love to hear how the collaboration feature is 
> working (and what you think about it).
> -Wade

I just tried the pre-release v12 of Colors! in collaboration
mode with 2 XOs, both running Wacom graphics tablets via an
ejabber server (xo1share.org).  It was pretty cool watching
strokes from one Colors! Activity appear on the other:

* The display update seems to be by continuous stroke:
   XO #1 user draws a curve not lifting pen.  After the stylus
   is lifted from the tablet the stroke updates on XO #2.

* The mouse would need to be moved on the other XO for the
   screen updates to propagate.

* The colors and brush parameters are common to both XOs
   although the display of the settings widget (color and
   brush type) did not update with changes from the other

* Since the cursor is shared between the two activities,
   it would be better if drawing on one Activity moved the
   corresponding cursor on the other XO.

* Erasing the screen was only an option on XO #1 (the inviter)
   *but* the clear screen did not propagate to the other XOs
   so further drawing on XO #1 was not in sync with the images
   on XO #2.  Suggest that clear image be propagated with the
   option to do a local save to Journal on XO #2 so that work
   is not lost if they wish to keep it.

* It would be really cool if each XO had its own pointer with
   brush/palette/... options.  One mode that would be nice
   might be a sort of side-by-side version where each XO would
   be able to draw its own part of the screen (by mask, not
   necessarily by rectangle) so the students could work on a
   joint drawing.

* A mural mode would be excellent with a large virtual
   drawing area and each XO able to pan around and draw

* The mouse drawing problem was also visible in collaboration.


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