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>   [image: Image:Info_talk.png]<http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Image:Info_talk.png> Charity
> Software License <http://wiki.laptop.org/go/CSL>  You can write software
> in an open source process
> and generate revenue for charity.
> The intent of the license is to offer an alternative to open source
> software as specified by the OSI open source definition. Software licensed
> under the CSL can be made available in source code but there is no
> obligation to do so, unless the open source variant OSCSL<http://wiki.laptop.org/go/CSL#Open_source>is chosen. The software is made available with guarantees about the use of
> revenue generated by software sales. The license will include a list of
> trusted third parties, usually non-profit organizations, who can sell
> software licensed under the CSL. A group of authors cannot sell their own
> software under the CSL without first becoming a trusted reseller in the
> sense of the license. The rationale is that the CSL is intended as a unique
> selling point for software licensed under the CSL and arbitrary software
> authors are not expected to reliably handle the financial resources in the
> intent of the license. Thus the CSL can increase the trustworthiness of
> authors without any disadvantages for software authors who mean to take the
> CSL seriously. Trusted resellers in the sense of the license require
> external auditors, as, for instance, the Deutsche Zentralinstitut f?r
> soziale Fragen (dzi.de). A share of the generated revenue can, within
> predefined limits, be used to develop the software. The recipient of revenue
> shares is the maintainer. The maintainer can distribute funding, hire
> contractors, fork the project or pass on the office of maintainer to another
> person. The office of maintainer is meant to allow a software development
> process similar to that of the open source community, although slightly less
> inclusive.

Yeah... I have a feeling we'll all pass. Thanks for the spam!

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