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Wed Dec 3 09:09:39 EST 2008

necessary to allow name changes (or at least, we don't need to make it
trivial, like changing colors will be).  The idea is that children
will be identified by their given name, and as such I'd rather not
refer to a "nickname", unless we actually make the distinction between
a nickname (changeable) and real name (much less so).  This doesn't
guarantee security, of course, but it does make it harder to
impersonate someone.

Also, we discussed possibilities for what might happen when a child
changes colors, photos, etc.  One possibility is that these children
are rendered slightly differently in the UI, perhaps with a badge.  By
clicking on them (or some interaction not yet determined...perhaps for
friends you actually get a notification message) you will be able to
see the former colors/photo (as stored on your machine) and the new
colors/photo (as provided by them).  This would make it rather
difficult for Bob to spoof your friend Alice, assuming that you have
ever in the past received Bob's identity info, since he would always
have to advertize "I'm Alice, formerly known to you as Bob."

I suppose this would actually be sufficient if we also specially
identified friends in the UI as well, as you mention, perhaps by
applying a star badge to them.  In that case, any friend of yours who
attempts to spoof another friend of yours will be rendered the same,
but will also initiate an "identity change" message.  Any non-friend
of yours - even those you've never seen before - can try as they might
to spoof a friend of yours, but can never have the star badge.

As another note, when these changes in identity occur, its probably
beneficial for the children to view the "identity change" message
before the interface adjusts the rendering of the XO whose identity
changed.  That way you can find Alice rendered in pink/purple as
you're used to, without being temporarily confused by the fact that
she changed overnight to green/yellow.

As far as unique naming goes, as I mentioned, I'd really prefer to use
real names.  Real names, of course, aren't always unique.  I'd like to
use first names only by default, adding the last initial in the
display when first names conflict.  Of course, when the last initial
conflicts, we could use full last names.  Beyond that, we're mostly
out of luck, but perhaps that doesn't matter in the general case.  If,
however, you want to make two people with identical names your
friends, the "make friend" process could check the list of current
friends, find the match, and alert you to it, offering to let you
modify the name that you locally use to represent the new friend.
This has the added bonus that, if an outsider you've never before seen
tries to spoof a friend, and you try to make the outsider your friend
thinking that you accidentally de-friended the person they're
spoofing, you'll get the duplicate friend message and think twice
about continuing.

- Eben

On 7/21/07, Ivan Krsti? <krstic at> wrote:
> On Jul 21, 2007, at 4:07 PM, Simon McVittie wrote:
> > (Mailing this now while I remember, because this is something we
> > need to
> > think about relatively soon after Trial 2, I think. Daf and I will
> > be in
> > Boston on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday trying to debug
> > collaboration, so it'd
> > be great if we could talk to Ivan and Eben about this while we're
> > there.)
> I'll read the rest of the message in a bit; can you meet with me at
> 2PM Monday? I'm extremely busy the first three days of next week.
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