[sugar] Importing objects from journal

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti
Thu Sep 27 05:28:12 EDT 2007

On 9/26/07, Michael Stone <michael at laptop.org> wrote:
> Eben,
> > I think the point of confusion here is that some activities create
> > *multiple* entries.  These entries, as output of a single activity,
> > are closely associated with the session which created them.  In this
> > case, the session is the "roll of film" and the associated entries are
> > the individual photos.
> > Is there a way to associate these that maintains the security model?
> Certainly. Sugar just has to tell Rainbow "The user is resuming activity
> X. Please give it A, B, C."

This is actually going to be handled by the Journal activity. It's
currently a separate process. Can we have Rainbow trust the Journal
activity or will we need to merge it inside the sugar process?

> Or it has to say "Activity X wants write-access to user documents. Okay?"
> And if Rainbow says "Go for it", then Sugar asks the user to select some
> documents. Then Sugar tells Rainbow "Okay, in response to Activity X's
> request #xxx, the user picked A, B, C. Please give them to the
> activity."

I think in this case, the activity should ask to the Sugar shell to
open the file picker. The Shell, once the user selected A, B, C, will
tell Rainbow to give activity permissions for these files.

> Finally, Sugar could say to Rainbow: "Activity X wants read-only access
> to some user documents and I have picked out A, B, C for it."

What use case does this cover? I don't think activities should be
interacting with Rainbow at all.

Sugar and the Journal interact with Rainbow to request permissions to
read/write specific files for the activity. The Datastore interacts
with Rainbow to get information about the permissions and enforce
them. Activities interact with the Datastore.

> After each of these entry points, Rainbow will say to "Here's what I
> passed along and here's where I put it". Sugar should finish the
> transaction by forwarding this information to the activity.

Huh? It's not Rainbow business to pass files along and there is no
need to have Sugar between the datastore and the activity. Maybe I'm
misunderstanding what you are trying to say here...


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