[sugar] Importing objects from journal

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Wed Sep 26 14:28:18 EDT 2007

> > We are storing an 'activity' property in every entry metadata with
> > values like 'org.laptop.RecordActivity'. Shouldn't an activity be able
> > to access all entries that were created by it without user interaction
> > (other than clicking Resume in the journal)?
> An activity should never have the innate authority to read things from
> the datastore or to over-write them. Instead, the *user* should grant an
> activity the needed authority on a per-collection-of-things basis by
> manipulating the Sugar interface (e.g. resuming an activity, selecting a
> file to open). In terms of implementation, we wish to translate
> measurements of the user's intent made by Sugar into suggestions to
> Rainbow on what access to grant to an activity.
> > And what about modifying one existing entry?
> This is what I was trying to get at. You can be granted authority to
> access a specific entry either because Sugar resumed you with access to
> that entry (and just that entry), or because Sugar told Rainbow "the
> user wants to manipulate Entry E with Activity A".

I think the point of confusion here is that some activities create
*multiple* entries.  These entries, as output of a single activity,
are closely associated with the session which created them.  In this
case, the session is the "roll of film" and the associated entries are
the individual photos.

Is there a way to associate these that maintains the security model?

- Eben

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