[sugar] Monday Ship Message, 2007-09-24

Kim Quirk kim
Mon Sep 24 11:52:56 EDT 2007

           Ship update message for 2007-09-24

This week we are going to finalize the build for Trial-3. We are not putting
any more bug fixes in to the code base without approval from Jim or Kim. Jim
is reviewing all the bugs from the blocking status through high priority to
find the few that still need to be addressed. Kim is looking at all the
normal and low priority bugs with the intention of finding a good future
release for them. We are about a week behind where we want to be and we
expect to drop the first release of OFW (and OS) to Quanta (mfg) at the end
of this week.

The FRS schedule is right on the tail of this Trial-3 release. People who
are not working on the few critical bugs left in trial-3, please start in on
the bugs that have been moved into FRS. These fixes will need to be checked
into a different stream (Jim, can you provide direction?). It is important
that you have a place to check in and test; but these FRS fixes should NOT
go into the next Trial-3 build.

FRS code freeze is only 3 weeks from today.

Areas of Discussion this week:
Suspend/Resume updates
High priority Trial-3 bugs - journal (human readable names, backward
compatibility with v542), suspend/resume, activation and upgrades,
documenting or finding work-arounds for the rest
High priority small features for FRS
High priority/blocking bugs for FRS
Discussions on hiring (job descriptions available at the laptop.org website)

Meeting schedule:
Monday 1pm EDT, test meeting (call in line1)
Monday 3pm EDT, multi-battery charger update (call in line 1)
Tuesday noon EDT, Journal and Tubes update [trial-3 and frs bugs/features]
(call in line1)
Tuesday 3pm EDT, Content IRC chat (is this the correct time, SJ?)
Tuesday 4pm EDT, Security update [as well as a general update we should
discuss testing activation, bentham, laptop upgrades, rainbow] (no call in
Tuesday 9pm EDT, Bug review IRC chat (Jim will send out email if this
time/day changes; we have been discussing different times every week to give
people a chance to attend who can't otherwise)
Wednesday 10am EDT, UI/Sugar design meeting (ask Eben for call in info)
Wednesday 3pm EDT, School server update (no call in yet)

Call in line1: From the United States
 From Outside the United States
    access code: 8069698
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