[sugar] All GCompris activities available

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin
Sun Sep 23 19:54:39 EDT 2007

Le dimanche 23 septembre 2007 ? 18:48 -0400, Samuel Klein a ?crit :
> Thanks, Bruno.  Some of these, like sudoku and superbrain, are great,
> and would benfeit from multiplayer features.


> Some require other libraries to work; for instance the chess
> activities require gnuchess (we may want this in our base libraries,
> but for now it can be bundled with the activity).

Correct, I worked around the issue for gnucap, the electicity bundle
includes the gnucap binary. I forgot to do the same with gnuchess.

> Some require extra files (memorytux, chessmovelearn, looking for
> skins/gartoon/bar_bg.jpg)

OK, that's a bug in my bundle script, the activities relying on another
activy's code miss the skin images.

> Some don't load for me (chess_partyend, tuxpaint)

chess won't work anyway since the binary is not there.
Tuxpaint is irrelevant here, it's a wrapper over the tuxpaint activity,
we just fork and start it but it's not sugar compliant and it rely on
tuxpaint being available from the underlying distro.

> Some are hard to use because of speed (watercycle).

Yes, crane also, I could easily fix these by increasing the steps to
move each objects. Don't know yet how to make this in a clean, easy to
maintain way.

> Minor style notes : the icons should reference the inner and outer
> XO-icon color; that way when the activity is launched, it shares the
> user's colors in the desktop circle.  Right now all activities show up
> as "GCompris" in that circle, with the same icon.

Yes, we are aware of this. I saw the process to create one is better
explained on the olpc wiki. I'll try to sugarize it soon.

Bruno Coudoin
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