[sugar] Code freeze for Trial-3 is today....

Jim Gettys jg
Mon Sep 17 19:14:01 EDT 2007

As noted yesterday, anything from here on out will need approval.

That means if you want to check anything in, you should run it by me,
Kim, and J5 with some analysis of risk to the code base.  Exact bug
numbers should be referred to.

here are still too many open, blocking or high priority bugs, so if you
are still working on something, please continue -- even if we don't get
it in for Trial-3, we will almost certainly want it for FRS (bug

FRS or First Deployment will be coming right on the heals of Trial-3 and
we really won't have time for anything but small features. So if you are
working on a feature that you hope will make FRS, you might check with
Jim or Kim first.

****Note: please push out all bugs assigned to you except those you
think we *must* fix for Trial-3 to first deployment.****

If there are questions in your mind about whether they should be
assigned to you, please mark them as "untriaged" and we'll look at them.
                              Thanks for all your hard work!
                                     - Jim Gettys

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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