[sugar] Ship Message, 2007-09-17

Kim Quirk kim
Mon Sep 17 11:31:14 EDT 2007

Ship Message, 2007-09-17

Starting this week I am moving the 'ship mtg' to a 'ship message' that goes
out to devel and sugar to solicit ideas, feedback, and help from all
interested parties. The general format will be update on schedule, features
or items that need discussion or resolution this week, and other topics of
interest, which may include information on testing, returns, trials, etc.

This week we are at code freeze. That means if you want to check anything
in, you should run it by Jim, Kim, and J5 with some analysis of risk to the
code base. There are still too many open, blocking or high priority bugs, so
if you are still working on something, please continue -- even if we don't
get it in for Trial-3, we will almost certainly want it for FRS (bug fixes).

FRS or First Deployment will be coming right on the heals of Trial-3 and we
really won't have time for anything but small features. So if you are
working on a feature that you hope will make FRS, you might check with Jim
or Kim first.

Discussion/Decision areas:
1 - Suspend/Resume: This is still very high priority. Assuming we have
gotten by the hw issues, we will now need to see about all the remaining
open bugs in this area and prioritize them accordingly.

2 - Journal/Datastore: There are a couple of bugs that need attention
because they result in a blank journal, #3509, #3372 (which was fixed only
by deleting the entire datastore).

3 - Journal/Backup: We need the journal to back up to the school server. The
school server has to allow registration, #3500, and there need to be human
readable filenames, #3469.

3 - Tubes: We are trying to isolate and document exactly how to set up tests
that use jabber service and those that do not. Right now it looks like
sharing does not work well in all cases: bug #3506, maybe #2980 will help.
We are also still concerned with scaling in the mesh. When we get to more
than about 20 XOs on a mesh, some of them don't appear or come and go --
this needs careful, well-documented testing and log gathering.

4 - Security/Activation: For activation we believe our deployment partners
will be able to use our codes and activate laptops. We have to provide the
infrastructure (servers, security) and the commands (web interface in the
future) to put in serial numbers and get out activation codes. This testing
should happen this week with test activation codes.

5 - Security/Rainbow: There is enough code in the builds now to start
testing rainbow and containers. There aren't enough resources to test this
out as it isn't on the critical path for Trial-3. (Michael Stone - can you
add info to the Test Configuration Notes wiki page so that others can help
out with this testing? http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Test_Config_Notes)

6 - Internationalization: Non-US laptops are being tested more thoroughly,
but many languages are not providing keyboard mappings. Spanish is getting
the most attention and getting some translations included in the trial-3

7 - Boot up sequence: Hopefully we'll have enough input this week to make a
decision for the boot up sequence for First Deployment.

Other issues that are on the high priority list?

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