[sugar] Improving quality

Kim Quirk kim
Mon Sep 17 09:13:21 EDT 2007

I think a piece (maybe a big piece) of what changed in the last few weeks is
that I have called a lot of meetings here at 1CC to discuss the difficult
problems or stumbling blocks, come to a relatively quick decision, and move
on to the next problem. To ship a product out the door, I think this is

But, clearly that process has left out a lot of interested people, so we
need to come up with something better that will allow us to make decisions
relatively quickly, but will allow the contributions to come all interested

Bernie's idea of summarizing each week where we are and what the
discussions/decisions we need to work on is probably a good start. I try to
do that in a weekly 'Ship' meeting; but maybe I need to move that Monday
morning exercise to the devel and sugar lists rather than the local
conference room. That way everyone will know where we need to focus energy
that week and can contribute to that email thread.

I have been thinking about reformatting the 'Ship Meeting' anyway -- so
maybe I'll try it this week...


On 9/16/07, Ivo Emanuel Gon?alves <justivo at gmail.com> wrote:
> I actually ate the "dog food" for a whole week and wrote a long review
> about the experience[1], with a few suggestions on how to improve the
> GUI and a few other things.  Apparently, it was ignored, but hey, no
> hard feelings.  I'm still doing a few other experiments to see how to
> improve the existing software and now with the bug tracker finally
> open again, I think I'll go back to write the missing tickets.
> -Ivo
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