[sugar] linfo files should go

Albert Cahalan acahalan
Sat Sep 15 17:13:01 EDT 2007

Activity files are based on this spec:

According to the spec, translation is handled like this:

name = Tux Paint
name[af] = Tux Verf
name[da] = Tux maling
name[et] = Joonistame koos Tuksiga!
name[gos] = Vaarve
name[hr] = Boja
name[is] = Teikna
name[nl] = TuxPaint
name[pl] = Rysuj
name[pt] = Pintar
name[sw] = Koti ya Rangi
name[tr] = Tux Boyama
activity_version = 1
host_version = 1
service_name = com.example.www
icon = tuxpaint
icon[he] = tuxpaint-rtl
icon[ar] = tuxpaint-rtl

BTW, note that the icon can be localized. Note also
that fr_CA is more specific than just fr, and so on.

Sugar ought to give first priority to following this spec.
If a translation exists in the file, then sugar should use it.

If no translation is found, second priority should go to
a standard PO file. (compiled form I suppose) This is often
much easier for software developers to manage, because they
can have the *.info file be fully human-generated and thus
not have any "interesting" build issues.

BTW, being 100% compatible would be excellent.
I don't see why this would be impossible.

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