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Arjun Sarwal arjun
Fri Sep 14 16:22:02 EDT 2007

Measure Activity on the XO
(The Activity which converts the XO into an oscilloscope, a spectrum
analyzer and a data logger !)

Release 9 of the Measure Activity (build  575 onwards) features an improved
UI and the following basic features -
* Apply an AC or DC signal into Mic_In port, or simply observe the sound
signal picked up from the Mic on the XO
* Watch the signal in time domain for frequency domain representation
* Toggle the bias voltage at the Mic_in port ON/OFF. This voltage is
required by many sensors.
* Log data at a specified interval, take a snapshot of the current waveform;
and draw a graph of the logged data too.

How can you help ?

(1) Help in software development of the activity. There are many refinements
and features that can further be added. I have put some of the priority ones
down as tickets in Trac. Have a look at #3435, #3437, #3438 and #3461.

(2) Do projects (and help document them ) around the Measure Activity. Ideas
ranging from building a low cost ECG system to a low cost intrusion alarm
system. I've built and tested two ideas illustrating the concept :
=>'A low cost intrusion alarm system' that makes use of a toy laser that I
powered from the USB and used a simple LDR (light dependent resistor)
connected to the MIC_IN. Switch on the bias, set the activity to DC mode;
observe the voltage change when the light path of laser upon the LDR is cut!

=>'Temperature' monitoring system that I made simply with an LM35 temp
sensor, and I powered the sensor from the USB port.

(3) Help develop content and curriculum around the Measure activity. Science
experiments, Physics concepts...being able to relate concepts with physical
phenomena through hands on experiments makes for great learning !
For example, kids can whistle into the mic and using the frequency domain
display mode in Measure, compare and learn about frequencies...

(4) Want to build a low cost science/physics/chemistry lab ? A tele-health
monitoring system ? Lots of possibilities to be explored. All new ideas

(5) Help document such projects and other cool ideas . We would , in
probability, be going in for Makezine DIY style documentation of such
projects - with cool illustrations, photographs and explanation...

Get in touch with me at arjun at laptop.org for any details/clarifications.

Looking forward to great collaboration and support from the community.


Arjun Sarwal ( arjun at laptop.org )
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