[sugar] Changing Name of Alsamixer controls 'Analog Input' and 'V_REFOUT'

Arjun Sarwal arjun
Fri Sep 7 02:57:44 EDT 2007


We are working on some audio driver issues. While we're at it, we also
thought about changing name of two Alsamixer controls for the purpose of
more clarity :

1. There is a control 'Analog Input' which when enabled essentially allows
us to switch to a DC coupling by shorting a coupling capacitor on the
motherboard. To the user, it simply allows one to put a DC signal into the
Mic input and thus switch to DC mode.
The proposal is to change the name to 'DC Mode Enable'

2. V_REFOUT : This is also a control in Alsamixer and essentially switches
ON the bias voltage required by the microphone.
The proposal is to change the name to 'Mic Enable'

I look forward to comments and feedback on the above two proposals.

thanks and regards,

Arjun Sarwal ( arjun at laptop.org )
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