[sugar] Mandatory Changelogs

Jim Gettys jg
Sun Oct 28 10:17:41 EDT 2007

I think Michael over stated the request.

We'd like Changelogs, the sooner, the better, when new things to into
the builds.  This is so we can better test what's being changed, and
have a better clue about what might break.

Often this can be generated from version control system comments, even
automatically. But we're  interested in a higher level view of what is
going on than these would generate.  

For example, putting in the X 1.4 packages, if one generated a change
log from git for all of that, we'd be lost in hundreds/thousands of log
entries that that major update implies.  The forest would be lost for
the trees.

Describing that those packages are "to update to use to the new input
system and pick up better graphics support, and fix trac #1234 that was
causing so much grief" is the high level overview we're asking for here.
This can give people the idea that they should test input carefully, and
if something funny changes on the screen, maybe X is at fault, rather
than their activity.  If they need more detail, then 

If we can agree on a common format, then we can automate the roll up
into a build message.
                                       - Jim

We'd like people to look at the described format
On Sat, 2007-10-27 at 18:55 -0400, Michael Stone wrote:
> Dear Sugar and Devel,
> ChangeLogs in the format described on 
>   http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Build_system#ChangeLog_Format
> are now MANDATORY for package inclusion. Please write yours.
> Special thanks to Bert Freudenberg (bertf) and Marc Maurer (uwog) for
> setting a great example!
> Let me know if you have any trouble.
> Michael
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