[sugar] OLPC News 2007-10-27

Bert Freudenberg bert
Sat Oct 27 16:01:49 EDT 2007

> 14. Schedule: The upcoming releases have been renamed and re-purposed:
> Oct. 26:	"Trial-3" (Build 622) are the bits being loaded for mass
> production. This was completed this week.
> Nov. 16:	"Reload" are bits that could possibly be loaded before
> shipping laptops to individuals. We will hand pick blocking bug fixes
> only if we need to.
> Dec. 07:	"Killjoy" (V1.0, previously referred to as FRS or First
> Deployment) is a release based on the "Joyride" builds. This will
> include bug fixes/minor features that are in Joyride today; and we are
> actively moving some trac items to this release based on what we know
> about in the next week. Feature freeze for this is next week; code
> freeze the week after.
> Q1 2008:	"Future Release" (V1.1) is the release after Killjoy. Not
> well defined. Right now it is where we moved all the features that
> didn't make it into Killjoy.
> (See https://dev.laptop.org/roadmap for more info.)
> As we do the triage for these builds, we'd very much appreciate
> community feedback as to what you think is important. Feel free to
> send email to Walter Bender, Kim Quirk, or Jim Gettys in regard to
> priorities.

Not really important, but I cringe every time I read it - can we  
rename "Killjoy" to something more positively sounding?

- Bert -

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