[sugar] Manual/howto discussions tomorrow (Sat the 2th)

Samuel Klein sj
Fri Oct 26 21:39:54 EDT 2007

We are reviewing the various manuals and how-tos about using the XO and 
its interfaces tomorrow from 11:00 to 17:00 EST, in the Cambridge office
for the hardy souls who are here or have trekked out, and in #olpc-content
on freenode, for people online.

If you have any documentation, how-to-photos, or manuals that haven't been 
posted to the OLPC wiki, and aren't planning to attend, please be sure to 
send a copy by mail or to add a link to them from


bcc: a few people who have provided manuals and photos over the months.
+1 617 529.4266           skype: metasj

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