[sugar] Joyride

Michael Stone michael
Fri Oct 26 21:31:43 EDT 2007

Marco pointed out that my previous email was not clear enough about the
process for including .xo bundles (#4251). The update on that bug is as

  Please follow Bert's example by putting your .xo bundles in

Now, concerning #4253: 

  ChangeLogs, in the format 

  <pkg-lines>      (containing ".xo", ".rpm")
  <detail-lines>   (not containing the string ".xo", ".rpm", "--")
  -- <signature>   (-- is the line marker)

  -- <signature>

  as exemplified in 


  will be _required_ to drive package inclusion in the builds.

Let me repeat that.

Your packages and activity bundles WILL NOT BE INCLUDED unless you
supply change-entries, in the format above, for the exact version of
the package or activity bundle you are trying to put into a build.
(This is because we *must* get accurate, comprehensive, human-readable
ChangeLogs and the most direct method of accomplishing that is to
require you to write them as a prerequisite of package inclusion.)

If you don't like the format, please contribute a patch to 


specifically to the file 'collect_rpms.py' and to the 'changelogs'
package contained therein that adds support for your preferred format.

We are very happy to support other ChangeLog formats and collection
methods but are currently unable to support them on our own. 

Finally, intentions for killing joy will be outlined in a separate email
as soon as they are finalized (hopefully tonight).



P.S. - If you have them, please include your source rpms alongside the
binary ones.

Also, I've stubbed out a page at


to accumulate content from this thread. Please help fill it in.

On Thu, Oct 25, 2007 at 10:25:04AM -0400, Bert Freudenberg wrote:
> Could someone *please* explain and document the current process of  
> getting RPMs and XO bundles into the build?
> Etoys has been broken for weeks now unless I installed the latest  
> bundle manually, just because the XO bundle was not pulled into the  
> build. We're at bundle version Etoys-63 now, the build is still at  
> Etoys-60.
> A search for "joyride" comes up virtually empty:
> 	http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Special:Search?search=joyride
> And once the joyride build process is explained, could you outline  
> your intents to killing joy, too?
> - Bert -

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