[sugar] Monday Ship Mtg update message

Alexander M. Latham Alexander.M.Latham
Fri Oct 26 15:46:06 EDT 2007

--- "Marco Pesenti Gritti" wrote:
> > For individual activities we will always want people to be able to
> > download from a website pretty much at any time, so further
> > development and features to activities, should continue to be
> > planned and released outside of the olpc schedule.
> So you mean a downloaded activity in ~/Activities should take
> precedence over the default one in /usr/share/activities? Has this
> been tested?

I don't think that works currently. A ticket would be good, I think
it's something we really need to fix for 1.0.

--- end of quote ---

I believe ticket number 4038 applies to this.

Basically, updating activities doesn't work right now, and how it should be handled needs to be decided upon.

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