[sugar] internationalizing numbers?

Xavier Alvarez xavi.alvarez
Fri Oct 26 12:18:55 EDT 2007

I would like to note some things (which may or not apply ;)

The most obvious problem, as Pascal mentioned, is the decimal & 
thousands separator. Then you must include the sign, mix it with 
currency symbols and finally with notation preferences. A quick 
look at the 'cell format' in any spreadsheet program gives a 
glimpse on all the factors that go into "10 displaying right"...

Same goes with dates (ymd, dmy, mdy, etc) and their variations due 
to separators. Same with time.

One thing I would like to highlight is that the XO should be 
inmune to the owner's choice of locale.

This means that two XOs using different locales can not be 
confused about the "1000" number just because one displays it as 
"1,000" and the other as "1.000". This is a nightmare when 
copy-pasting data values from one display-format into another, 
but it may be a sensitive issue when sharing.


PS: Don't forget about the collating sequence and other parameters 
in the locales (it's been a long time since I last checked 
them ;)

On Friday 26 October 2007 06:21, Pascal Scheffers wrote:
PS> You probably need to worry most about decimals and thousands
PS> separators. Those are reversed in a number of languages:
PS> 1.000,12 vs. 1,000.12 which is unambiguous but
PS> 1,012 or 1.012 can be interpreted with a factor 1000
PS> difference if you do not localize correctly.
PS> Other than that, and only judging from the occasional arab,
PS> japanese, chinese and hebrew website I see but cannot read,
PS> most just use roman numerals like we do in left to right,
PS> most significant digit first. 
PS> Erik Blankinship wrote:
PS> > How do you internationalize the display of numbers?  For
PS> > example, to make sure "10" displays correctly in all
PS> > languages? 
PS> >

Don't Panic!  The Answer is 42

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