[sugar] internationalizing numbers?

Pascal Scheffers pascal
Fri Oct 26 05:21:44 EDT 2007

You probably need to worry most about decimals and thousands separators. 
Those are reversed in a number of languages:

1.000,12 vs. 1,000.12 which is unambiguous but
1,012 or 1.012 can be interpreted with a factor 1000 difference if you 
do not localize correctly.

Other than that, and only judging from the occasional arab, japanese, 
chinese and hebrew website I see but cannot read, most just use roman 
numerals like we do in left to right, most significant digit first.

Erik Blankinship wrote:

> How do you internationalize the display of numbers?  For example, to 
> make sure "10" displays correctly in all languages?
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