[sugar] Resuming by default

Albert Cahalan acahalan
Wed Oct 24 01:24:42 EDT 2007

Eduardo H Silva writes:

> Yesterday I had this idea: What about providing a secondary palette
> for the activity launchers in the frame, that show some number of
> its most recent activities, simillar to how the back button works
> in Browse? And a primary option to show the journal filtered by
> that activity would still be there.

This could be OK. I could see it looking like this:

oldest thing of three
some middle item
the very latest item
[start fresh]

Where "[start fresh]" is a click on the icon itself,
the "More..." is literal text which goes to a view of
all the saved data, and the other 3 slots are the most
recent saved items.

The order is as it should be on screen, assuming the
mouse pointer starts at the bottom of the menu.

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