[sugar] Resuming by default

Albert Cahalan acahalan
Tue Oct 23 12:44:15 EDT 2007

Bert Freudenberg writes:

> We do *not* want to start with a clean state every time.
> I have personally observed this over the last months, with
> passers-by as well as with regular users like my own kids.
> Resuming from the Journal is a very rarely used feature.
> E.g., my son (8yo) really likes TamTamJam and arranges
> instruments and adds little loops etc., but even though I
> showed him on several occasions that he could resume from
> the Journal, this appears to be too much effort - he instead
> powers on the laptop and clicks the frame icon, always starting
> a new session and never looking at the old arrangements again.

I think he likes the clean slate.

You may wish him to continue on, eventually creating the
world's finest symphony, but he may prefer to do something
new. Creating new stuff may be more enjoyable than dealing
with the old.

Programmers are this way too. :-)

I don't think the UI should push people to keep working on
old junk that the user didn't even desire to keep.

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