[sugar] did the recent launch changes get into a build?

Albert Cahalan acahalan
Sat Oct 13 21:45:55 EDT 2007

On 10/12/07, Marco Pesenti Gritti <mpgritti at gmail.com> wrote:
> In the unstable builds:
> http://xs-dev.laptop.org/~cscott/olpc/streams/joyride/

These don't have ChangeLog files. It'd be good to know
what is going on. I'm guessing that after Trial3 the latest
one of these becomes a regular OS build; hopefully the
changes aren't getting lost. I really have no way of knowing
what I'm getting if I install one of these.

If I later run the autoupdater, what is the installed version
going to look like? (will the autoupdater refuse to run?)

BTW, next time you might want to branch off for the
stable stuff instead of branching off for development.
Things tend to stay neater that way, especially if you
can't easily declare a stable branch to be dead for good.

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