[sugar] Punting 1.0 tickets

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti
Sat Oct 13 05:13:38 EDT 2007

On 10/13/07, Kim Quirk <kim at laptop.org> wrote:
> Thanks for reviewing all these Marco!
> The ones on this list that I think would be great to get to, but I would
> prefer that someone other than you do them are:
> 2520 - this just looks really bad and everyone sees it. This is the locally
> generated page in mozilla source, so it seems like we should be able to
> replace it. Can we ask someone in the community to do this?

Mozilla is usually an area where it's difficult to get contributions,
it's a huge and complicated codebase). I can look into what needs to
be done and then maybe someone can help out to actually integrate the

> 1680 - the problem with this is the only way to recover (to be able to hover
> over and see both items) is a reboot. I've encountered this badly enough on
> two occasions that I reboot in order to get to the item behind.

There was actually free space on the view where the item could have
been placed better? Screenshots would be really useful there, I'm not
sure if it's a bug in the current logic or if we need to implement the
more complex parts of the planned logic to get the case you have been
seeing right. Anyway I can reevaluate this and see what is worth
implementing for FRS.

> 2716 - if there are still problems with mime types; we need to get them
> right. If you think this specific bug is fixed or not a problem, then please
> assign it to Alex for re-testing rather than moving it out.

Well, the case where the web server advertise the wrong mime type is
really tricky. I don't think we should try to be too smart about it
until the mime system as a whole is more solid. The risk is to make
things harder to test and to track down the issues. To me the short
time solution is to fix the web servers.

>  3423 - there is a lot of work coming in with a new mesh protocol; so this
> one should be retested after that. If it still isn't fixed; then we probably
> don't have time to fix it. It can probably be assigned to Alex for testing.

Note that this fixed already from the user point of view. The bug is
open because we think the Sugar view should ideally be smarter and
behave sanely even in the case of bad presence service behavior.
Having Alex keep an eye on this sounds like a good idea, so I
reassigned to him.

> 3383 - If there is someone else who can make some cosmetic changes, this is
> the time to do a few (assuming low risk). I would like to see this one. If
> you are the only one to do this, then it should be lower on your priority
> list; but maybe there is an opportunity between now and the end of the
> month.

This is probably a good one for community contribution.


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