[sugar] Punting 1.0 tickets

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti
Fri Oct 12 15:48:48 EDT 2007

Jim asked me to write a list of tickets that I think we should punt
from 1.0. Here it is:

#2344 Hippo doesn't support text selection

This isn't really simple. I think we should punt it.

#2396 Activity shouldn't enter fullscreen when no longer in Home view
once launched

As you can see from the discussion it's not easy to map it to the
current window manager
semantics. It would be a nice feature for a fullscreen wm like
matchbox though. Maybe
Matthew can help us out with it, otherwise I think we should punt.

#3770 We have to fix keyboard focus in toolbars

Complicated to fix properly, not essential for FRS

#3921 Sugar API Review

It sucks but I just don't think we can make API changes right now.
It's too late. If there
is a chance we might cleanup stuff a bit as part of other work.

#3928 Nepali l10n PO files

Can we assign localization tickets to someone else? I think we decided
to not use the Fedora
stuff anymore and this is time consuming for me.

#4067 Activities should be able to notify sugar that there should be
only one instance running

I don't think this is right at all. Record should be able to deal with
multiple instances.

#1657 dragging within browser bug

No urgency for FRS, it's likely going to be fixed upstream at some
point. -> Opportunity

#1680 xo/mesh/portal placement on the mesh view shouldn't overlap

I think what we have is ok for FRS and it's high risk to change it

#1991 Controls should not steal focus.

It's a bit annoying but I don't think it's critical.Let's punt it to
when we have time
to fix it properly.

#2021 Text fields need placeholder support

I don't think it's essential for FRS.

#2079 toolbar tab titles don't fit long strings

I don't think it's essential for FRS.

#2082 XO stroke too thick


#2520 "Address not found" page is lacking in style and substance

It doesn't seem critical to me and it would likely require to patch mozilla.

#2665 Fix order of the device icons


#2716 Handle server/local mime mismatch for .xo

It's unclear what's the right fix.

#2873 activity class should initialize and show toolbox by default

Even if we decide it's a good thing, I think it's way too late to change it.

#3209 about:config display problems

Will be fixed upstream if it's not already. Unlikely that kids will run into it.

#3210 Consider standardizing on HTML rather than PDF and scanned pages

Clearly not 1.0

#3269 Add hacks to the gtk-theme to modify eg. GtkButton size_request

Cosmetic, I think benzea was going to open a gtk bug to figure out the right
way to do it. If he comes up with a patch that can go upstream then we should
consider it. Otherwise I think 1.1.

#3383 Radial positioning of XOs in neighborhood view "rings"


#3423 Buddy disappears from mesh view after stopping invited activity

PS is not triggering the problem anymore. I'd rather not do gratouitous
code cleanups right now.

#3491 follow freedesktop.org standard for *.info i18n

I'm not even convinced it's the right thing to do, but anyway not 1.0

#3735 hippo should set the background color of the underlying window

A good idea but I don't think it's necessary for 1.0

#3945 Texts copy from Write cannot be paste into Browse activitiy address box.


#3422 Doesn't ignore CurrentActivityChanged signals that have no
effect, causing unnecessary re-layout

Just a code cleanup

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