[sugar] files over tubes

Morgan Collett morgan.collett
Fri Oct 12 05:12:15 EDT 2007

Muriel de Souza Godoi wrote:
> Thank you for the code!
> I could use that methods with success in Memorize,  was just needed some
> specific changes.
> Maybe there is a isolated problem in number chunks value, which should
> be round up in order to send the entire file.

Yes, could be, I didn't test it completely.

> Concerning about chunk size,  I tested with success the value 4096. That
> speed up the transfer time.
> There is a best value for chunk size?

Erik wanted to transfer files that wouldn't necessarily fit in memory.
If you are working with files that do fit in memory while running the
activity, you can take out the chunk logic and just read in the whole
file and send it in one go.

Otherwise, you could experiment with larger chunks and see what works.
Try both server (gabble) and link local (salut) sharing, they should
both support message fragmentation allowing large messages but they may
have different limits at the moment.


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