[sugar] Fwd: Programming Sugar book project

Samuel Klein sj
Fri Oct 12 02:18:36 EDT 2007


Copying the sugar list, and especially eduardo.

There is a lot of good work going on around various kinds of docs...
if you've been working on some of this, please post what you have written 
so far to the olpcwiki by the weekend (don't be shy; docs are never 
finished), or post pointers to where existing drafts are published.

Take a look at the Hacking Sugar page on the wiki, the latest of many 
efforts to put such material together.

Christoph / Simon / Daniel / Todd / Rafael : do you have time on Saturday 
for an irc chat about a handbook? We could spend some of the day adding 
art and screenshots and screencasts, and linking versions in spanish and 
portuguese and german. 1200UTC or 1700UTC would work for me...

Sugar activity developers : please add both a 'test plan' and a 'handbook' 
section to your activities; the former should include simple procedures 
for testing that all parts of the activity work (see [[Write]] for an 
example), the latter should include notes on how to use it, ways to demo 
its coolest features, where to go to bost your best creation with it.


On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, Todd Kelsey wrote:

> Hello chris - rock on. Funny, I missed the email you had sent because I've
> been sucked into the googleverse away from outlook -- for anyone who wishes
> to contact me I'll be at tekelsey at gmail.com and toddkelsey on Skype.
> It would be lovely if there was some way to roundtrip your platform with
> wordpress -- world wide lexicon is coming along and that would be a nice way
> to take care of translations. But the less words the better I suppose.

> On Tue, 9 Oct 2007, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
>> Funnily enough I was actually thinking about something similar when I
> looked
>> at the activity grid entry on the Wiki earlier today. Especially for demo
>> purposes and presentations (like the one we had at the Vienna University
> of
>> Technology last night) it would be cool to know what works and what
> doesn't.
>> Plus in the discussion after the talk I actually noticed that I haven't
>> played around with the latest activities and much has changed since I last
>> worked with the software. This is also the reason why I have a B4 sitting
>> next to me at the moment and I've been playing around with TamTam, eToys
> and
>> other activities for the better part of the afternoon.
>> So to cut a long story short: Maybe such as activity overview would be a
> nice
>> starter and teaser for the whole handbook project. Plus while working on
> that
>> we're also likely to come across some things that could be improved. For
>> example one comment that one of my university collegues made yesterday was
>> that he missed something like a status bar in some activites to tell him
>> what's going on. Especially when you have three or four activites running
> in parallel the whole system does tend to become a bit sluggish and then a
>> status bar would certainly make sense in many scenarios.
>> In similar news we also want to do a screencast to show off the
> collaboration features in "write" so we can easily present them to other 
> people.
>> Cheers,
>> Christoph

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