[sugar] Developer Console

Eben Eliason eben.eliason
Thu Oct 11 14:32:19 EDT 2007

> I did a short presentation to an MBA class last night on OLPC. This was
> an overview type presentation. One of the quick polls I did was about
> the terminal icon/capability. Majority of the MBA students voted the
> icon down. Common reasons:
> Why do they need it?
> Less clutter.
> Don't give them a way to get into the machine.
> We will be breeding an army of hackers worldwide!
> What if they break something?
> Except for the "less clutter" reason, I think all the reasons stated
> above are why we *should* have an icon. Keep in mind that these are
> opinions of "pre-MBA types".

If they break something they can restore it.  This is, in fact, a
great way to learn.  I agree that exploring the details of the machine
and learning to hack are good things.  As far as clutter goes, there
is no reason we *need* to place this in the activity bar by default.
It's more an issue of how it manifests as either an activity, or as an
integrated part of the OS, or as something else entirely.  One more
icon isn't going to "clutter"...the kids will pick and choose which
suit them anyway.

- Eben

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