[sugar] Urgent: Need icons from some 3rd party activities

Bert Freudenberg bert
Thu Oct 11 12:50:37 EDT 2007

On Oct 11, 2007, at 18:22 , Eben Eliason wrote:

> Pentagram is in need of a few activity icons for the xogiving.org
> microsite.  Would the developers of the following activities please
> attach the corresponding activity icons to this thread?  Thanks!
> Block Party
> Calculate
> News Reader
> Watch & LIsten
> Turtle Art
> Additionally, if any of you are unsatisfied with your icons or would
> the like Sugar design team to clean up their appearance, please let us
> know.  Thanks!

Well, we still have not had a better idea for the Etoys icon. I the  
mean time we all got accustomed to the shooting star, but I'm still  
not convinced there couldn't be something more descriptive ...

- Bert -

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