[sugar] Opportunity: Connect-4 game functionality completion

Morgan Collett morgan.collett
Wed Nov 21 06:57:35 EST 2007

You've probably seen the Connect-4 game. It was originally written as a test
case for Tubes implementation, but it needs work to be usable as an actual
game. For example, once somebody wins a game, there is no way to start a new

We have removed it from the Update.1 builds from now on, because we don't
want it to ship to the world in this state. However it's probably not that
much work to make it usable, so if you want to get involved in OLPC
development, here's an opportunity.

The code is at
The bugs are at

Contact me if you want to get involved. Patches especially welcome, although
no question is too trivial :)

Morgan Collett
morgs on irc.freenode.net #sugar
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