[sugar] Updates for Update.1 from Joyride

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki
Tue Nov 20 20:04:39 EST 2007


> So in short, we're screwing down the lid on Update.1.  But we likely
> have to do a Ship.2 build, and that on top of a feature release is a bad
> idea, so we'll let Update.1 slip and be sane about letting it be ready
> when it is ready, rather than having to throw it over the wall on
> December 1, ready or not.

  There are bugs that are fixed in 637 but not in 623.  Do we just
close these bugs on trac, even though we know that they do exist in a
version that is yet to be shipped?

  I think the answer is yes, but just checking...

-- Yoshiki

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