[sugar] genpot option setup.py

Sayamindu Dasgupta sayamindu
Sat Nov 17 14:57:46 EST 2007

Hi all,
It looks like the genpot option in setup.py for activities update the PO
files as well.

    for file_name in _get_po_list(manifest).values():
        args = [ 'msgmerge', '-U', file_name, pot_file ]
        retcode = subprocess.call(args)
        if retcode:
            print 'ERROR - msgmerge failed with return code %i.' %

This is slightly confusing, since many would expect genpot to
(re)generate _only_ the POT file. Translators would also probably get
confused to see their PO files changing without any apparent reasons.

Can the PO generation part be moved to another option (maybe as a
initial step for genl10n) ??


Sayamindu Dasgupta

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