[sugar] project idea: Interactive-Sugar-Online-Simulation (ISOS)

Christoph Derndorfer e0425826
Wed Nov 14 19:59:33 EST 2007


I just stumbled across a very interesting comment by Eduardo Montez over 
on OLPCnews.com 

"off topic: I just got an idea for showing people what Sugar can do. 
Some should put up an interactive web site where anyone can sign on for 
free, and all the people who are using it at any time would be the 
community and show up on the gui, connected through the server instead 
of the meshnetwork. That way people could experience the collaborative 
aspect of Sugar, which is its greatest innovation."

I certainly think this is an outstanding idea, even though such an 
implementation is obviously anything but trivial.

Such a virtual "Interactive-Sugar-Online-Simulation (ISOS)" could 
potentially act like one of those "web-operating-systems" that have 
become somewhat popular lately. It would basically allow for children 
who use a regular Windows PC to use at least some of the innovations and 
unique features that Sugar provides. So the requirement for being able 
to benefit from these outstanding developments would shift from "need to 
have an X0" to "need to have some computer with a browser and internet 

What do you think?

Best regards,

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