[sugar] New power management features in joyride-build-258+.

Chris Ball cjb
Mon Nov 12 16:54:58 EST 2007


Joyride build 258 contains a new version of OHM, our power manager.
It has exciting new features that are probably confusing if you didn't
see them coming:

  * It will dim the screen after 20 seconds of X inactivity.
  * After a further 40 seconds of inactivity, it will automatically
    suspend the machine with the screen still on.
  * Any mouse/keyboard/button events will wake the machine back up.
  * If you hit the power button, the XO will enter "sleep mode",
    and only wake again fully on another power button press.    

Since this is all new code, there will be bugs -- please file anything
you find against the "power manager (OHM)" component in Trac.  If you
have hardware that can't suspend/resume without crashing, you can
disable these features:

/sbin/service ohmd stop   # to stop ohm for the rest of this boot
rpm -e ohm                # to uninstall ohm completely


- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>

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