[sugar] Notes on joyride-258 and 630

Marco Pesenti Gritti mpgritti
Mon Nov 12 04:20:58 EST 2007

On Nov 12, 2007 7:53 AM, Michael Stone <michael at laptop.org> wrote:
>   3) When you attempt to join a shared activity, does it work? Does
>      anything funky happen?
> The answers to (1) and (2) are supposed to be 'yes' and 'yes'. If they
> aren't, I'd really like to know about it.
> I'm expecting the answers to (3) to be 'sometimes' and 'sometimes',
> respectively. If you document well, we will hopefully get any problems
> here worked out in short order.

Assuming the bug is not gone in 258, #4763 will cause multiple
instances of the activity to be open for 3. I suspect the same bug
might also be causing problems with access point activation, we really
need to get it fixed.

>   First, Write and all the MaMaMedia activities appear to be broken by a
>   failing attempt to 'import abiword' that kills all these activities as
>   they start. Whoever is supposed to be supplying that 'abiword' python
>   package needs to fix his or her RPM.

Abiword has been completely removed in 257. Looks like uwog ChangeLog
is missing the footers, maybe that's the issue. Can we publish the
joyride logs so that these problems are more easily catched?

>   Second, Record appears to be unable to play back sound. It complains
>   of errors trying to write files due to lack of space. I will speculate
>   about the cause: we are now equipping activities with a 1 MB tmpfs. If
>   Record is attempting to put any large data into
>   $SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT/tmp, it's writes will likely fail. People for
>   whom having a 1MB tmpfs is a problem should explain what they're
>   trying to do on the mailing list and we'll work out something
>   reasonable.

Yeah, looks like. Probably Record needs to use
$SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT/instance (except for images maybe).

>   Third, MaMaMedia's 'MaMaMediaMenu' activity fails to launch because
>   on the sugar Bundle object that it is manipulating on line 69 of
>   MaMaMediaMenu.py has no attribute named 'get_service_name'.

This has been changed to get_bundle_id in sugar some weeks ago.

>   Finally, screen rotation is spectacularly broken. I have no idea as to
>   why. Reported by bemasc.

I'll have to look into this one.


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