[sugar] Lonely laptops

drew einhorn drew.einhorn
Sat Nov 10 14:11:35 EST 2007

Only some of this is in the right list.

Planning on doing G1G1 twice next week and then having a small community
of two laptops.

What works out of the box?

Am going to want production quality sugar installs on
   a few desktops, and
   legacy laptops.

What works better if I:

     Tweak my garden variety wireless access point.
     Get an exotic (for me) access point with unusual protocols.
     Install a server.

What happens when my daughter and three year old grandson take a
laptop to Mexico?

Will they be able to seamlessly stay in contact with Grandma's laptop at home.

My wife and daughter are teachers and want to start looking at access
to curriculum (both English and Spanish) first for my grandson, then for others.

My daughter teaches in a private 600-year old Catholic school in Mexico.
Where does she look into the mysteries of getting some for her students.

Drew Einhorn

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