[sugar] Etoys Sandbox Location

Bert Freudenberg bert
Mon Nov 5 19:02:57 EST 2007

On Nov 6, 2007, at 0:20 , Michael Stone wrote:

> Bert,
> Etoys-65 is trying to create a sandbox at $SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT/ 
> sandbox.
> The permissions that Rainbow is currently putting on $SAR prohibit  
> this.

> What is this sandbox?

Sandbox is the working directory for etoys projects. If the  
restricted mode was entered (typically before executing foreign  
code), the Squeak virtual machine restricts file access to this  

> What are it's sharing criteria?

I'll have to think about that ... it should be larger than tmp/, must  
be writable, preserved for each instance, and possibly shared between  
all instances.

> Is there a reason
> that it needs to go somewhere other than the directories we've  
> described
> so far?

I simply added support for SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT before I knew that I'm  
only supposed to use only specific subdirectories of it.

I'll change it in the next version, but please open a ticket anyway ...

- Bert -

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