[sugar] Working on peripherals ?

Arjun Sarwal arjun
Mon Nov 5 12:43:33 EST 2007

Working on peripherals ? (Wanting to or) Building a science experiment kit
around the XO ? Or a tele-health module ? Love hardware hacking using the XO
? Have some cool ideas regarding peripherals ?

I'm compiling a small update of all peripherals people which I will send out
in a week's time on the relevant mailing lists. This is an opportunity for
you to share your cool ideas and work with the community, build connections
with other peripherals people and invite suggestions and feedback on your

Please send me a brief update of  what you would like to share with the
community (please tell us a little about yourself too) - I will compile all
of these into a single email and send them out. It could also be a
collaboration request - for example you may be good at hardware but may
looking to collaborate with programming people for some peripherals

thanks and regards,
( arjun at laptop.org    or  arjunsarwal at gmail.com )

ps - please send your replies to me directly, avoid flooding the mailing
list with your reply; my whole purpose is to compile all of these updates in
a single email :-)

Arjun Sarwal
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