[sugar] Bitfrost compliance for Update.1

Michael Stone michael
Fri Nov 2 12:02:51 EDT 2007


On Thu, Nov 01, 2007 at 11:47:29PM -0400, Erik Blankinship wrote:
> > 1. File-path compliance means that you must ensure your activity does not
> > write to any path outside of that contained in the environment variable
> Will this path be unique per instance?

Yes, though the $SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT/data and $SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT/conf
directories are currently shared between instances with bindmounts.

$SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT/tmp is unique per instance.

> Can we create subdirectories within /tmp?

I would really prefer it if you used $SUGAR_ACTIVITY_ROOT/tmp instead.

Is this is insufficient for your purpose or overly burdensome?

> Will data there be persistent between sessions?

"tmp" is transient and "conf" and "data" are persistent.


An open question: how should logging data be handled?


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