[sugar] How to test Activities without a XO?

Bert Freudenberg bert
Tue May 29 08:37:47 EDT 2007

On May 29, 2007, at 14:13 , Andreas.Trawoeger at wgkk.at wrote:

> Hi!
> I'm currently  helping a friend of mine to beef up the two XO-1 B2  
> he has for a couple of presentation.
> Currently adding an Activity to the XO is quite simple (put the .xo  
> file on a usb stick and unzip it to /home/olpc/Activities or use  
> sugar-install-bundle to do it).
> But how are you supposed to do the same as a non XO owner?
> I haven't found a way to add a bundle to a sugar-jbuild and the  
> current development image for qemu has only 9.1 MB of free space  
> which makes it quite useless for testing (and the missing OpenSSH  
> server doesn't make things easier).
> So could I kindly ask for either a sane way to add a .xo file to a  
> sugar-jbuild or a qemu development image with 512 MB of free space  
> and an installed OpenSSH server?

You could patch the image ... just append a 512 MB empty chunk and  
resize the partition. Or, even simpler, add a second hard disk to  
your Qemu and mount it.

- Bert -

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