[sugar] How to test Activities without a XO?

Andreas.Trawoeger at wgkk.at Andreas.Trawoeger
Tue May 29 08:13:29 EDT 2007


I'm currently  helping a friend of mine to beef up the two XO-1 B2 he has 
for a couple of presentation.

Currently adding an Activity to the XO is quite simple (put the .xo file 
on a usb stick and unzip it to /home/olpc/Activities or use 
sugar-install-bundle to do it).

But how are you supposed to do the same as a non XO owner?

I haven't found a way to add a bundle to a sugar-jbuild and the current 
development image for qemu has only 9.1 MB of free space which makes it 
quite useless for testing (and the missing OpenSSH server doesn't make 
things easier).

So could I kindly ask for either a sane way to add a .xo file to a 
sugar-jbuild or a qemu development image with 512 MB of free space and an 
installed OpenSSH server?

cu andreas
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