[sugar] ScreenShoots of EduKT

Alfonso de la Guarda alfonsodg
Mon May 28 12:12:02 EDT 2007

Hi All,

Hi.... just for information: I have post some pictures of EduKT, a
multimedia content builder (read: Book Maker, Presentations, etc.) for any
OS and OLPC... the release date will be June 1st.... until now some
screenshots: http://cosperu.com/EduKT/ <http://cosperu.com/EduKT/...> the
project will be hosted on google code and the code repository for OLPC too.

The idea is that the "teachers" or content creators will make the books and
presentations simply on any OS. I am working on the audio libraries because
there is no a same for the 4 OS (Linux/Windows/BSD/OLPC).  However the
application is working and meanwhile ill fix some minor bugs.



Alfonso de la Guarda
Telef. 97550914
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