[sugar] Retrieving telepathy handles/dbus addresses from a Buddy

J.M. Maurer uwog
Sun May 27 10:01:56 EDT 2007

In telepathy, I can use GetDBusNames on a tube that gives me a mapping
from contacts to dbus addresses. It roughly looks like [(3,
':1.abcdef'), (5, ':1.ghijkl')]

I will use such dbus addresses to send messages to one particular
recipient on a tube.

However, when a Buddy joins my activty, and the 'buddy-joined' callback
is fired, I have a buddy object (<Buddy object (sugar+presence+buddy
+Buddy) at 0xb7b41194>) with a really tiny public API it seems. 
Said API does not allow me to retrieve dbus addresses that I need (there
is a GetTelepathyHandles function in sugar/services/presence/buddy.py
though which may or may not do what I want).

Any pointers on the proper solution would be appreciated.


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