[sugar] [gcompris-devel] More than 10 Activities Solution?

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin
Fri May 25 12:54:22 EDT 2007

Le vendredi 25 mai 2007 ? 16:43 +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti a ?crit :
> bruno.coudoin at free.fr wrote:
> > We have created a gcomprixo branch in our svn to continue the modification
> > towards a Sugar friendly GCompris. Yesterday, we integrated the Sven's libccc
> > canvas library based on cairo. We plan to use it to move to the cairo path.
> >   
> Have you considered other canvas solutions too? The situation with the 
> gtk canvas is really a mess, so it's hard to say which of the 
> alternatives is best. It's just a weird situation to have Sugar using 
> HippoCanvas, gcompris libccc and someone likely GooCanvas in the future.
Well, Yves who works on GCompris did investigate the different options
and liked libccc. We don't have a lot of specific requirement beside the
basic canvas usage so probable any one would suit our needs (except
HippoCanvas which we understand as being more a layout manager than a

So we made this choice because nobody in the GTK community is able to
select an official one. This is sad because there is a waste of effort,
first because many developers work on the same think. And then because
it will be hard to reuse, integrate other code.

So if someone can tell us now if we are going in the wrong direction, it
will save a lot of time. Basically, GCompris core development is made by
2 persons in their spare time. We are doing major changes to suit the
OLPC project, it's a major work for us and going in the wrong direction
will make us loose valuable time.

Bruno Coudoin
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