[sugar] Schedule for B4

Jim Gettys jg
Tue May 15 14:21:05 EDT 2007

As some of you know, B3 is about to be built (in the next 24 hours, in
fact): but it is a small build, and not targeted at field deployment.

The next major build of machines is B4, many of which will be deployed
into the field.  Here are some dates for planning (subject to change).

5/28	Verify boot2 code
6/03*	Nominations for new activities due
6/08*	OFW build due at Quanta
6/08*	All software packages due; bug fixes only after this date by
        approval only
6/08-6/15* Integration and test of system image.
6/12	B4 SMT prebuild
6/15*	B4 NAND image due at Quanta
6/19	B4 Assembly

The starred dates are the software dates; I add the hardware dates to
put them in context.
                                      - Jim

Jim Gettys
One Laptop Per Child

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