[sugar] Pyxpcom

Don Hopkins dhopkins
Fri May 11 02:14:37 EDT 2007

> Then it builds just fine!
Right on!!!
> Try that and you should build just fine..  I'm happy that you've
> decided to do the right thing..  Remember that we can't judge Mark's
> extensions based on the platform that he develops on top of..  I may
> not like Windows but all of Mark and Thomas Heller's extensions make
> it a breeze to work there (I'm just glad I don't have to build Vista)
Mark Hammond's win32com Python OLE/ActiveX integration stuff is top 
notch quality, excellent hard core code -- an industrial strength tour 
de force! Its deep scope and the wide range of complex Windows COM 
interfaces that it covers is truly amazing. You can actually use it to 
implement ActiveX controls (OLE/COM servers) in Python, embed JScript 
interpreters via IScriptingEngine, and other tricky stuff like that. 
I've used it to integrate Python with Internet Explorer on Windows, so 
Python can reach in and mess around with the DOM tree via OLE 
Automation. Much easier and more powerful than trying to do everything 
by remote control via http/xml/ajax/etc. It works quite well, and is 
extremely magical, but of course it's a sausage factory inside. (That 
comes with the territory.)

The fact that Mark Hammond is the person behind pyxpcom is why I can 
trust that pyxpcom is good solid technology, because he knows what he's 
doing and has been down that road before. (There aren't a lot of other 
people in the world with his experience and track record.) I think it 
would be a great idea and an excellent investment to use and develop 
pyxpcom for the OLPC project.
> Anyway, now that we've gotten building the trunk out of the way, can
> you describe what you're trying to do with gtkmozembed?  There are a
> lot of players involved (sugar services, xpcom, pyxpcom, gecko, gtk,
> gtkmozembed, pygtk, the python gtkmozembed wrappers, nsiWebBrowser,
> etc) and I don't have a clear picture of what you're trying to do
> -Ed
Just to be able to go browser.document.body.innerHTML = '<p>Hello 
World!</p>' would be a great start! Even better would be a way for 
Python to handle unsolicited events from JavaScript.


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